What makes Jeremy special to collaborate with is his ability to effortlessly marry an over-arching thematic vision with the smaller details and nuances of human stories. That combination of strategic vision and honesty in approach to people makes everything he directs ring with a truly powerful feeling of authenticity. He’s got a great eye for photography, while also understanding what it takes to extract a great performance from his subjects. That’s because he’s genuinely interested in hearing their stories; it’s always a very real conversation, he’s never simply reading a questionnaire. The result, is always a moving piece of film that connects with the people watching.

David Leonardi
EVP, Group Creative Director, Hill Holliday


Jeremy and I have collaborated together on both big budget TV shoots and smaller scale content projects. Invariably, he’s proven himself to be a true master of his craft who is able to deftly evolve his creative vision to the ever-changing needs of the project – and without ever compromising the output. This is an especially highly-prized skill in a business where timelines, budgets, and creative ideas are tweaked, pinched, and “optimized” more than ever before.

Lyle Shemer
Creative Director, Facebook


I have worked with Jeremy Warshaw on a number of short documentary films over the years for clients like United Airlines, and I can confidently state that he’s the real deal. 

Jeremy is resourceful, has great taste, and produces beautiful, compelling film that rises above most of the “content” schlock you see out there these days. 

Also, he’s ticklish. I’ll leave it up to you to discover where. 

Hire the man, and you won’t regret it.

Bob Barrie
Partner, Executive Creative Director
Barrie D’Rozario DiLorenzo 


Few people have the magic touch to elicit a pure response, one that touches you every time you see it. One that cuts to the heart of the matter.  Because we all know its not group think where connections are unearthed it is in true human connection. Jeremy is a guy that can get it and capture it.  

Ken Barnett
Global CEO,
The Mars Agency


Jeremy is the consummate interviewer. Jeremy has a unique gift of making you feel like you are the most important person in the world at that moment. He makes non-actors feel safe on a set, allowing them to open up and tell him things they never thought they could. Plus he’s pretty funny and good guy to grab a pint with. 

Steve Pytko
EVP, Director of
Content production, Saatchi and Saatchi Wellness


Jeremy is great at filming real people. He knows exactly how to catch that little bit of reality that gives us a candid glimpse into their lives. He understands strategy very well and always comes prepared with a full list of interview questions based on our objectives. He has the kind of personality that really opens people up and gets them talking. He worked with us on a pitch and his film helped us win a very large piece of business. I would highly recommend Jeremy if you are looking for natural performances out of real people.  

Tony Gomes
Creative Director, Publicis 


Jeremy is the Svengali of real-people interviewers. Instantly charming and disarming, he manages to get people to confide in him in front of the camera as if they were alone. I myself have told him secrets I probably shouldn’t have, but no, he did not blackmail me to say all these nice things about him. He’s skilled and experienced in all the aspects of a director; so much so that it seems effortless and intuitive. He doesn’t draw attention to himself or the many decisions he’s making as he works. And he’s hilarious. We’ve worked together on at least a dozen projects over the past twenty years, and he has always made it fun and productive for everyone involved – interview subjects, agency, crew, and clients alike. 

Anno Ballard
Creative Director, R2C Group


It’s quite rare to work with a director who can bring as many strengths to a project as Jeremy has been able to do for me. Recently, my agency was asked to produce a film to document the national catastrophe that is caused by obesity. What most impressed me about Jeremy was his grasp on the subject. He was able to collaborate with me and put together a road map for getting our interviewees to give us the content needed. He’s a great interviewer who can make his subject feel relaxed and natural on camera. If you can get over his Britishness, and the resulting sense of humor, you’d do well to work with him.

Peter Rabot
Creative Director, Munn Rabot


I’ve partnered with Jeremy a number of times, and not only is he a great partner, but he helps to elevate the creative work he’s shown at all times. He knows how to connect with real people, and can pull a strong performance out of just about anyone! I thoroughly enjoy partnering with Jeremy, and his sense of humor will carry you through any rough patches during production. I’m looking forward to working with him again.

Trish McKeon
Director Broadcast Production, FCB Healthcare


Jeremy’s ability to understand the underlying strategy behind an initiative is not only critical to the ultimate outcome but also quite unique among documentarians.

Alex Leikikh
CEO, MullenLowe Group


Jeremy has the fantastic ability to understand the content required to drive a business strategy, and then elicit those elements in authentic, emotional, sincere, simple language from real people. The resulting interview footage cuts together to make the most amazing stories. 

But don’t let Jeremy’s unusually perceptive and empathic interviewing skills distract you from noticing how well he understands putting together the entire documentary process—from identifying the right people to executing the thousands of details that a successful production effort requires.

Gary T. Neul
Senior Manager, Creative Communications , AbbVie


How do you get the best performance out of actors or real people? Hire a director who knows how to coax a performance as well as he knows how to frame a shot. That’s Jeremy Warshaw.

Ed Cousineau
Creative Director, Publicis North America


Jeremy Warshaw is a gem to work with. He elicits responses in a way that others cannot while delivering beautiful visuals that enhance the message at the same time. Not everyone can do this successfully. I have worked with Jeremy many times - on jobs with small and large budgets - and he nails it every time. He is flexible and collaborative and I welcome the opportunity to work with Jeremy in the future.

Lisa Goore
Senior Producer


Jeremy is one of those very rare individuals who is able to connect with virtually everyone he interviews on camera. He puts everyday folks at ease, quickly creates a level of trust and intimacy, and sometimes asks questions the rest of wouldn't dare attempt - and yet - ends up with amazing responses that are strategically on target. It doesn't hurt that he's a top-notch director with a charming British accent whose affability and sense of humor makes being on set a pleasant experience.

Darrell Williams
Creative Director / Writer


Jeremy Warshaw is a consummate professional. He gets brilliant performances from both professional talent and real people, using his focused direction and warm personal style. 

Anne Kurtzman
Senior Producer


Jeremy's hand is, at the same time, apparent and invisible in everything he creates. In the end, all that remains is the subject, well and true.

Mark Webb
SVP Group Creative Director, Digital Health LifeBrands


W orking with Jeremy is many things.

A lways after the perfect take. 

R elentlessly creative

S trategic and organized

H ilarious. (Don’t get caught in the crosshairs of his wit)

A uthentic

W inner

Bill Finnegan
Director of Production, J. Walter Thompson New York