Everyone Has Their Story










Behind every passer-by on the street, every online entity that hits a send button, there's a flesh and blood person with a lifetime of personal experiences.

When we can settle our busy lives for a moment and give our attention to the stories that others have to share, we reaffirm our connection to humanity, enrich our perspectives, broaden our emotional palettes. And sometimes just have a good laugh.

This portal serves to connect people at a deeper level than our cellphones and social networks can offer. Not just news blips and anecdotes to chew on, a bit more raw than what you’ll find on TV, we hope these stories provide nourishment to the soul and increase understanding between people.

Everyone has their story. That’s what makes us unique, and when we really listen, and see how everyone’s story matters, we hep to weave the fabric that connects us all.



The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed.

— ALbert Einstein

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When A Father Thinks About His Father and What Loss Really Means



When Ryan was growing up, he never felt he had much of a relationship with his father. And so when his father lay dying, he struggled to come to terms with the meaning of loss, until a surprise encounter in the hospital cafeteria put some things into perspective. 


Stepping Out in NY: One More Tale From the Dating Wars



When Elyssa, a 20 something career girl, moved to NYC, she was so excited she felt like she was living within some giant movie set. But this soon changed when one unusual dating experience proved to be more Film Noir than Rom Com.   


Rachel Had Always Been Labeled ‘Fat.’ Eating was Her Response.



It’s ironic that the way many overweight people deal with society’s harsh judgment is to soothe themselves by eating. This destructive behavior had lasted a lifetime until Rachel realized something very significant about herself. And then her life changed in a way that allowed her to deal with her demons. 


When A Gay Man Loves A Gay Woman



Tiffany, a lesbian and Glen, a gay man, had been friends forever. Over the years, and through many partners, they had grown increasingly close. And then Tiffany asked Glen something that changed both their lives. This is what happens when you combine love, open mindedness and tequila.

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Every Inch
A Woman



Even knowing that Daisy was born a man I wouldn’t have known this from her appearance. She was beautiful, stereotypically feminine, and clearly identified herself as a woman. This issue was never in doubt for her. But it often proved to be an issue for the men she met who initially had no idea….Here, Daisy reveals aspects of her life as a transgendered woman. There is no doubt in her mind that she’s a woman. After listening, do you have any doubts?

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For Daisy, the First Time was More than Awkward



When you’re in high school and you fall hard for someone, and both of you badly want to have sex, things are tense enough. But if you harbor a secret like Daisy’s, the decision to share it comes with consequences that can threaten your whole world.


The Course of True Love Never Did Run Smooth



Chris and Amy knew each other as children growing up in the same apartment building. Chris always had a soft spot for Amy but life intervened. Many years and not a few divorces later they reconnected and are now engaged. And best of all they are now living in the same apartment that Amy grew up in and which was where it all started.


A Death in
the Family



A mutual friend introduced me to Dominic and Sara, the twin brother and sister of Gianni, just a few weeks after Gianni had succumbed to Lou Gehrig’s disease. They agreed to talk about their brother, the manner of his dying and how both of them were respectively processing their loss.